Mystery Rear Views

This year’s annual lirralirra mystery images are rear views which, I found, are just as difficult to take with intention as are front views – but at least I didn’t have to worry about getting the eye in focus!



Rear View Mystery 1



Rear View Mystery 2




Rear View Mystery 3





Rear View Mystery 4





Rear View Mystery 5




Rear View Mystery 6





Rear View Mystery 7



Rear View Mystery 8





Rear View Mystery 9




Rear View Mystery 10


My thanks to Michael and Louise for their kind comments about previous lirralirra quizzes and for serendipitously reminding me that it’s time for this year’s mysteries.

I think 50% on these quizzes is pretty awesome, even 20%, they can be trickier than I’d originally anticipated. I’ve included a few clues this year that might be helpful. Anyways, put your guesses to any or all of the images in the comments if you’d like to and I’ll share the answers next week – good luck!

Happy birding



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45 comments to Mystery Rear Views

  • This is is a tough one! OK, we’ve avoided reading the comments so here goes 😉

    1. Superb Fairy-wren
    2. Wood Duck
    3. White-naped Honeyeater
    4. Hooded Plover (young one?)
    5. Pacific Black Duck
    6. Louise – Grey Fantail (juvenile), Michael – another Fairy-wren not sure which one 😉
    7. Pied Cormorant
    8. Yellow-tufted or Helmeted Honeyeater
    9. Black Swans
    10. Masked Lapwing

    • lirralirra

      That’s very impressive! I keep thinking the fantail looks like a fairy-wren even though I know it isn’t, I’m glad the ‘reveal’ shot was taken at the same time. I’d meant to give a clue that all ten birds were different species, sorry about forgetting that, and congratulations Louise! Thank you for the awesome post you did on Square-tailed Kites that led to me remembering this year’s mysteries 🙂

  • lirralirra

    I’ll answer all the comments at the weekend 🙂 And good on you all for having a go, and thanks for the laughs!

  • 1. a mummy fairy-wren
    3. two birds
    4. a hooded plover from the beach
    5. that’s easy, a duck
    7. a gull
    8. helmeted honeyeater
    9. ducky bottoms
    10. sea gull

    • lirralirra

      Well done Quiz Girl! I think you deserve an award for getting the two endangered species. The ‘ducky bottoms’ were actually ‘swan bottoms’ and you’ll be able to see the others in the post after this one 🙂

  • I actually found this immensely amusing this morning so thank you!

  • lirralirra

    I’ve just posted the suggestions that have come in so far – you guys are awesome, skill and laughs are a great mix 🙂

  • Nikolas

    Thanks for the quizz. Here my try.

    1: Superb Fairywren
    2: Maned Duck
    3: White-naped HE
    4: Black-Fronted Dotterel
    5: Pazific Black Duck
    6: ?? Fairywren
    7: Austrailian Pied Cormorant
    8: Purple-gaped HE
    9: Musk Duck
    10: Masked Lawinen

    • lirralirra

      Hi Nikolas, congratulations on recognising so many species from their rear views! Number 6 tricked several guessers, I’d have made the same suggestion myself if I hadn’t taken the shot.

  • ok now I am becoming a pest – see the monster you created! I should have worked this one out but the mystery honey is a yellow-tufted? I think….

    • lirralirra

      And another yes! It’s the endangered sub-species of the Yellow-tufted, the Helmeted; beautiful little birds busily nesting at the moment, bless their socks

  • I want to change my number 4 guess to juvenile Hooded plover? ….

  • ok, I love a challenge! 1. Superb Fairy-wren – female?
    2. How much wood would a woodduck chuck if a woodduck could chuck wood?
    3. not sure what you call them but we call them white-naped honeyeater?
    4. black-fronted dotterel
    5. Pacific black
    6. grey fantail
    7. pied cormorant
    8. honeyeater – this is hard for me as we dont have these and I dont have my bird book – lewin’s or something?
    9. black swan – recognise those arses anywhere
    10.Masked lapwing….

    how did I go???? tell me tell me!

    • lirralirra

      You made me laugh! We call them White-naped Honeyeaters too and I’d be surprised to see a wood duck chucking wood but then again I did see a swan chucking wood today so anything’s possible. So, eight out of ten here but just moments later things changed …

  • I have been trying to get them all but i have only ended up with a few! im only eight so i think im doing pretty well

    1. fairy wren
    2. Australian wood duck
    3. a white butted some sort of bird
    4. hooded plover
    5. some sort of duck?
    6. a sort of wren [maybe]
    7. some sort of seagull
    8. a devil bird
    10. a yellow necklaced bird?

    • lirralirra

      You did brilliantly, especially considering you are only eight! I saw some more toads and white butted sorts of birds today and will catch up with the devil birds next week 🙂

  • Gary Gale

    Here is my attempt 🙂
    Superb Fairy Wren Male eclipse.
    Male Wood Duck or as we should call them a Maned Duck, and and an excellent example of why we can call them a Maned Duck..
    Black Chinned Honeyeater
    Hooded Plover
    Black Pacific Duck
    Superb Fairy Wren Female
    Pied Cormorant (Not Little Pied)
    Yellow Tufted Honeyeater
    Black Swans
    Masked Plover.

    • lirralirra

      And a fantastic attempt it is too! Only the pesky fantail completely tricked you and, as I mentioned in other comments, I had meant to give the clue that all the birds were different species as I thought that one looked like a fairy-wren too. I was at the treatment plant today and hoped to see you, maybe next time 🙂

  • Alyssa

    Bah ha ha fluffy bird bums are so amusing 😊
    It was so fun playing this with you last night!

  • Lilla

    Blue wren
    Wood duck
    Silver eye
    Hooded plover
    Pacific black duck
    Grey fantail (er not sure)
    Pied cormorant
    Helmeted honeyeater
    Grey teal (some type of duck I don’t know)
    Masked lapwing/spurwing plover

  • Superb Fairy-wren
    Male Wood duck
    White-naped Honeyeater?
    Little ringed plover
    Pacific black duck
    Pied cormorant
    Helmeted Honeyeater
    Black swan
    Masked Lapwing

    • lirralirra

      Hi Stephen, what a neat surprise to see your list – you sat beside me before your recent, excellent, talk at KPS (I didn’t introduce myself so don’t expect you to remember!) I had to google Little Ringed Plover and can see why you suggested it. I think the rear view of the fantail looks like a fairy-wren too. I’ll add your website to my links page

  • lirralirra

    I’ll keep this week’s comments under wraps for a while – it’s great seeing your suggestions so far, awesome 🙂

  • Rebecca

    What fun, and not a common view 🙂

    1. Variegated Fairy-wren
    2. Wood Duck
    3. Brown-headed Honeyeater
    4. Hooded Plover juvie
    5. Pacific Black Duck (hybrid, orange legs)
    6. Grey Fantail
    7. Pied Cormorant
    8. Yellow-tufted Honeyeater
    9. Black Swan
    10. Masked Lapwing

    • lirralirra

      That’s awesome Rebecca! Fairy-wren and honeyeater are both right too but subtly different species. I deliberately chose a black duck shot with the legs showing as a clue but I hadn’t expected any one to comment on the mallard link. I wonder if you already knew you can ID birds from the back and the front 🙂

  • Alison Moore

    No 1 immature Superb Fairy Wren
    No 2 male Australian Wood Duck
    No 3 mating Silvereyes
    No 4 immature Hooded Plover/Dotterel
    No 5 Pacific Black Duck
    No 6 Jenny Wren
    No 7 Little Pied Cormorant
    No 8 Yellow Tufted Honeyeater
    No 9 cygnets ( Black Swan)
    No 10 Masked Lapwing

    • lirralirra

      Wow! I meant to say that all the birds were different species as I thought the fantail looked like a fairy-wren too. A few people thought number 3 was more than one bird and now it’s been mentioned I can see two birds every time I look at it even though I know it’s only one!

  • This is a difficult quiz, my best betare 3rd is a very rufled Noisy Miner, 5th maybe a Pacific Duck, the rest, no idea

  • Warren Bennett

    Just a stab in the dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1.Superb Fairy-wren
    2.Wood Duck
    3.White-throated Honeyeater
    4.Hooded Plover
    6.Red-backed Fairy-wren
    7.Little Pied Cormorant
    8.Yellow-plumed Honeyeater
    9.Blue-billed Duck
    10.Masked Lapwing

  • Tamsin

    1) Jenny wren
    2) Australian wood duck
    3) thorn bill
    4) hoody
    5) some duck
    6) fan tail?
    7) cormorant?
    8) another thorn bill? Hee hoe?
    9) a water bird
    10) it’s a mystery.

  • Noel Butcher

    Rear View Mystery 7 is obviously the Pink Spot Flat Butted Black Gull.

  • Robbo

    1. Superb Fairy Wren
    2. Male Australian Wood Duck
    3. White-naped Honeyeater
    4. ?
    5. Pacific Black Duck
    6. White-winged Fairy Wren
    7. Little Pied Cormorant
    9. Freckled Duck
    10. Spur-winged Plover.

    • lirralirra

      That’s a good looking list Robbo. I feel a bit mean having included the two endangered species at 4 and 8, I hadn’t thought through how many people would never have seen them (except maybe on lirralirra posts). I’d love to have a decent shot of a White-winged Fairy-wren instead of the little blurs currently lurking in my Lightroom catalogue. That thought made me check my images and I have a couple that aren’t too terrible, how exciting!

  • 1: Fairy wren. Going with suburb just because that’s all I seem to see.

    2: Wood duck

    3: white naped honeyeater

    4: black fronted dotteral but have a bunch its something else.

    5 Aus Shoveller

    10: looks like masked lapwing but again, assuming something else

    9 freckled duck

    7 Little pied cormorant.

    Genuinely interested to see how I go 😛 Have a ‘bird poo’ photography project so am getting quite familiar with the butts of more common birds

    • lirralirra

      Bird poo can be pretty interesting, especially in flight when it can look ridiculously artistic. Now you’ve got me wishing I’d keyworded ‘poo’ instead of having a laugh and deleting the images. Do you have an Instagram account? Excellent answers to the quiz! Four completely right and at least two half right 🙂

  • Colour me clueless.
    I am obviously not a butt woman. And should be.
    The third one’s colouration made me think of a silver-eye, but…
    And the fifth is a duck of some sort I think.

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