Mystery feet

This year’s annual lirralirra mystery images are focussed on feet, not tiny bush bird feet that would be virtually impossible to recognise, but fascinating feet where the context may also help with identification.


Mystery feet 1



Mystery feet 2


Mystery feet 3


Mystery feet 4



Mystery feet 5


Mystery feet 6



Mystery feet 7



Mystery feet 8



Mystery feet 9


Over the past few years I’ve posted mystery quizzes that have focussed on eyes, plumage and rear ends. I love the way that photography makes it possible to see details that are generally impossible to see in the field. Every year I’ve been amazed and amused by the neat guesses. It’s surprisingly difficult to identify bits of birds so with this year’s mysteries I’ve tried to include clues that will help with identification.

Identification guesses are welcome via the comment button below. As usual I’ll keep comments under wraps until next week when I’ll reveal the species associated with these fascinating feet.

Happy birding



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