Mystery feet revealed

I laughed so hard about some of the suggestions to last week’s mystery feet quiz, including Dodo for feet number 7.


Mystery feet 1 – Sulphur-crested Cockatoo



Mystery feet 2 – Dusky Moorhen



Mystery feet 3 – Shy Albatross



Mystery feet 4 – Red-kneed Dotterel


Mystery Feet 5 – Australasian Gannet – juvenile



Mystery feet 6 – Yellow-billed Spoonbill



Mystery feet 7 – Little Penguin


Mystery feet 8 – Australian White Ibis



Mystery feet 9 – Noisy Miner


I spent most of today watching the AIPP Professional Photography Awards and haven’t yet had the chance to answer last week’s comments.

I wish that everyone who messaged and emailed me had also shared their answers, some had many correct and several messages were hilarious. Thank you to all the foot-detectives and comedians – I hope everyone enjoyed a chuckle.

Happy birding and enjoy all the fascinating feet you see out there



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