Hungry Triplets from hospital

There are three reasons why these Hungry Triplets are featured it today’s post.


Welcome Swallow fledglings
“Hungry Triplets”


I’m in hospital, again, can’t believe it really as I’ve always been so fit as I happily carry my camera gear around this wide brown land. I’d never heard of the possibility of developing adhesions when I had my appendix removed – and I wish I never had. Not everyone gets them, and not everyone who gets them is troubled by them but over the last couple of years they started affecting me so much I finally followed the advice of every single fantastic person in my medical team, not that I’m stubborn or anything like that, haha, but somehow it seems counter-intuitive to have surgery for something caused by surgery.

I was hoping to go home yesterday but will skip the gory bits and fast track to the birds. Today I have wandered around the ward a few times looking for windows, most of which are heavily frosted. Then I found a narrow corridor with non-frosted windows looking across a couple of metres to wards on the other side and I saw … bird poop! Lots of it, on every windowsill. I wondered if there were Welcome Swallows nesting but there are no signs of nests, only regularly spaced pipework under the eaves with just enough space for small birds to perch. And just as I was hoping to identify the exciting poop a Welcome Swallow perched briefly on the roof opposite and then flew down and curved around in front of me, showing off it’s beautiful russet throat and forked tail.

Seeing a Welcome Swallow today is one reason I chose this image, the others are because one of my lovely nurses saw me looking through the lirralirra gallery and particularly liked this shot and I can’t go past the ‘hungry’ part as I haven’t eaten for days.

Hopefully next week’s post will be back to it’s regularly scheduled format.

Happy birding, stay well



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18 comments to Hungry Triplets from hospital

  • jacob sife

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Kim. And thank you for helping us promote all things bird! We very much appreciate it.

  • It sounds like you are doing so much better. Let’s hope this will be the end of it. So glad you found some window space and spotted some beautiful birds. Love your ‘Hungry Triplets’. Stunning and adorable.
    Get well soon. Janette

  • Joyce Burt

    So pleased you took your doctors advice. It won’t be long before you are out in the bush with camera and taking your wonderful photos. Take care and get strong soon. xx

  • Neil Mansfield

    I hope that you are at home again by now, Kim. Sorry to head about the adhesions – I’ve experienced the same problems numerous times, so I know how bad it can be. Hopefully all is now well with you and you will soon be out and about again. I have two more weeks of holiday left before returning home, so if you are making any trips to the WTP and it’s ok with you, let me know and I will see I can meet you there. Take care, and eat as directed by your doctors when you start eating regularly again.

  • Kim: I admire your tenacity – maintaining your blog schedule while in the hospital and finding non-frosted windows to look for birds. Your nurse selected the perfect image for this post. Get well quickly!

  • Dona Wormald

    Hello Kim; hopefully the worst is over now and you can get back to doing all the things you love, Gods Speed , thinking of you with pray; Love Dona

  • Peter

    Do hope this will be the solution. Sometimes it is best to follow advice, especially in the recovery period. Maybe no heavy lifting for a while. Thinking of you. Peter

  • Kathleen Edens

    Hi Kim, am so pleased that you are on the other side of your operation, hope they find you some food suitable for your body. Let me know when you are home so I can visit if that is ok with you. Xx

  • Meredith

    I hope that you will be feeling much better soon. It is a delightful photo. Baby birds are very persuasive when they are hungry. That photo captures it perfectly! Wishing you all the best. Mx

  • I am so sorry. Adhesions have been an uncomfortable and unpleasant issue for two people in my family. I hope the surgery means your difficulties are a thing of the past.
    Love the screaming triplets and hope that despite your hunger you are quieter in your requests…

  • Gary Gale

    Take care beautiful person, Nina and I have so much respect for your gentle soul, we need you to be around. 🙂

  • Nalini Scarfe

    Hi Kim, I am so sorry to hear you are unwell. Why am I not surprised that you still manage to take some gorgeous photo’s whilst recovering…Get better soon xxx

  • Alison Moore

    Warm wishes for a speedy recovery Kim. I have very mixed feelings about Welcome Swallows, the amount of poo is probably my biggest whinge BUT they are very pretty and entertaining.

  • Andrew Haysom

    Get well soon Kim!

  • Lucie Hughes Spencer

    Hope that the birdies help you to make a speedy recovery Kim, I love watching the birds in the garden, where Joseph’s going through his GCSEs at the moment it provides a relaxation method for us both, just watching them feeding from the bird feeders and listening to them chatter, so I hope spotting them out of the window helps you to make a full recovery. Love this pic as it’s so natural and beautiful xx

  • Carole King

    Hello Kim, sorry to read that you are back in hospital…a necessary place to be if you are in need of their help.
    It seems that they don’t always get ‘it’ right….hopefully they will ‘fix’ you up better than new..then you can be back out travelling the ‘wide brown land’
    Love the photo of the three ‘hungry’ Welcome Swallows…hopefully you have been able to have a meal by now.
    Best Wishes for a good recovery.
    Carole 🙂 🙂

  • togram

    thats great about bird watching – you can do it from anywhere. Speedy recovery

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