Endangered Freckled Ducks

Two copperheads, a dozen swamp wallabies and thirty-three bird species in a hundred minutes! To top it off a pair of endangered Freckled Ducks were feeding and close enough for me to photograph the male.


 Freckled Duck (Stictonetta naevosa) (male)


While I was waxing lyrical about the beauty of this duck my man was busy saying it’s just a duck, and an ugly one at that. I guess it’s all about perspective. Seeing Freckled Ducks was exciting, it’s not every day that a rare and endangered species paddles towards me in the shallows. The ‘endangered’ listing means that Freckled Ducks have a high risk of becoming extinct, despite this our State Government continues to permit an annual duck shooting season where protected birds, including Freckled Ducks are illegally shot. I recommend the Coalition Against Duck Shooting website if you are interested in the issue.


Freckled Duck (Stictonetta Naevosa) (male)


The reddish tinge at the base of the Freckled Duck’s upturned bill is a remnant of the crimson colouring associated with the breeding season. I hope there is a nest somewhere in the reeds but it’s a concern that I saw both birds dabbling at the same time.


Freckled Duck (Stictonetta naevosa) (male)


This is the only image that hints at the Freckled Duck’s large head that is peaked at the rear. He was having an underwater scratch while keeping a beady eye on me.


I have finally completed a 2013 Magical Mystery of Birds calendar which can be viewed on my Redbubble lirralirra page showing images of Australian garden birds. If you’re desperate for a late Christmas present with a great excuse for it’s tardiness maybe this would fit the bill.



There must be a way to get the calendar images side by side but I can’t find it and at half past midnight I think it’ll have to do. I’ll soon be adding other images to the Redbubble site as  I have some sweet photos that I think would make nice cards.


Happy birding, Kim




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