Cygnets on mum’s back

The cygnets hatched! Four days after photographing the nesting swan, posted in Spring is in the air, Rachel and I revisited the site and the adults were flapping their wings, splashing and calling. It was a strange display and makes me wonder if it was the first time the cygnets had entered the water as I’ve not seen swans behave this way before.


Black Swan (Cygnus atratus)


 Black Swan


After a few moments we had our first glimpse of the cygnets as three bundles of fluff slipped out from amongst the reeds to join the female; the third cygnet is hidden behind mum.


Black Swan


The female took her lovely brood along a shaded section of the reeds, the sun went behind a cloud and the lighting makes the scene look very murky but still cute.


 Black Swan


Back in the light mum lifted her wings and the other cygnets hopped onto her back, two stayed hidden while the third peeked out to look at the world.


 Black Swan


The family made their way across the lake with the larger male heading the procession and the three cygnets on mum’s back, partly hidden by her raised wings. When they arrived at the opposite bank they met up with a Cape Barren Goose family and I ended up with images of goslings which I’ll post another day.


Happy birding, Kim




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