Mr and Mrs Fairy-wren

Mr and Mrs Fairy-wren paint a cosy picture of domestic harmony which doesn’t hint at the pre-dawn visits which ensure a diverse gene pool amongst the offspring they raise.


Superb Fairy-wren - Kim Wormald

 Superb Fairy-wren (male)


Fairy-wrens are busy in my garden all year but especially enjoyable to watch during spring when I’m always hopeful they will successfully raise a batch or two of fledglings. With the new cat curfew laws in the Shire of Yarra Ranges (that were instated last week) I have been hopeful that this year they wouldn’t have to contend with prowling cats but sadly the large ginger and white cat that wandered into my garden this afternoon can’t have read the new bylaws.


Superb Fairy-wren - Kim Wormald (2)

 Superb Fairy-wren (female)


My internet connection is often poor but has been abysmal while working on this post, I hope you’ll forgive its brevity. I’ll write more about monogamy versus social monogamy when my connection stays connected for more than half a minute at a time. Please randomly dip into an older post (from the list on the right) if you’d like to spend a little longer with the birds.

Happy birding, Kim


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