Mystery Silhouettes

This year’s annual lirralirra mystery images are silhouettes. Some were taken that way while others took ages to turn into silhouettes in lightroom, and one took even longer using ‘marching ants’ in photoshop. I am seriously hopeless at using photoshop, luckily it’s not generally needed for nature photography.


Mystery Silhouette 1



Mystery Silhouette 2


Mystery Silhouette 3



Mystery Silhouette 4


Mystery Silhouette 5



Mystery Silhouette 6



Mystery Silhouette 7



Mystery Silhouette 8



Mystery Silhouette 9



Mystery Silhouette 10



Usually getting 50% on these quizzes is pretty awesome, even 20%, as they are often trickier than I realise. This year I think there could be some people getting 70-100% – I hope so. Put guesses to any or all of the silhouettes in the comments if you’d like to and I’ll share the answers next week – good luck!

Oh, and I don’t expect the specific species unless it’s obvious by particular features other than colour.

Happy birding



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