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Birdlife Australia’s Threatened Bird Network was established twenty years ago and is a ‘community based program aimed at encouraging participation in urgent conservation tasks for threatened birds‘ – recovery teams and community groups play a huge part in helping to ensure the survival of threatened species.



Threatened Bird Network Banner
Australian Bittern – Peter Gower, Fairy Tern and Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo – Georgina Steytler,
Swift Parrot – Wilson Lennard, Helmeted Honeyeater – Nick Bradsworth, Malleefowl – Kim Wormald/AWC


Earlier this year I was contacted by Caroline at the Threatened Bird Network (TBN) regarding a banner being created to promote the TBN at community events. I understand that creating the banner was a long process, involving a designer and many decisions as they sifted through images to create artwork that would help spread the word about threatened species.

I think the banner is fantastic and am rapt to have my Malleefowl image, photographed with the assistance of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), as one of the featured images. It was neat to see that I know two of the other photographers, Nick who works with the Helmeted Honeyeater recovery team and Georgina who has been part of the Birdlife Australia Photography Group committee and who is a co-admin on the facebook page Ethical Bird Photography.

During my involvement with the Helmeted Honeyeaters and the Hooded Plovers I’ve been lucky to see first hand the incredible dedication of community groups and individuals as they strive to ensure the survival of threatened species. There are many ways that volunteers can help, either in the field or behind the scenes – if you aren’t already involved it can be a highly rewarding activity. More information on the program and volunteering options, can be found here: Threatened Bird Network

Malleefowl at Scotia and More from the Mallee  are previous lirralirra posts with a range of images from the AWC property at Scotia, including Malleefowl, Bridled Nailtail Wallaby, Mala and funny shots of a Sand Goanna – the TBN banner has brought back some of my favourite memories.

Happy birding



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