Mystery eyes

Bird photography gives us the opportunity to see birds in the kind of detail that is impossible in the field unless the bird is in our hand, stressed or injured (or worse). Today’s post is about mystery eyeballs. Can you recognise which bird they belong to or see any reflections?



Mystery eyeball 1

 Withering look

Mystery eyeball 2



Mystery eyeball 3



201310261337_6191_Mystery eyeball 4



Young King ParrotMystery eyeball 5



Australian Wood Duck - Kim WormaldMystery eyeball 6



201408031042_2388_Mystery eyeball 7



Eye-catchingMystery eyeball 8


The colours and surrounds of birds’ eyeballs are remarkable in their diversity. Identification guesses are welcome, I’ll post the species next week.

By the way, this week’s post was inspired by Fiona who prepares bird specimens for research and who recently sliced her thumb when sorting through glass eyeballs.

Happy birding and keep away from glass eyeballs, Kim


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