A late night chat

Every night, for many years, I have called my mum for a chat. I am missing her so much that the thought came to my mind to share a chat this week.


White-fronted Chat (Epthianura albifrons) – female
1/2000, f/5.6, ISO 800


I am very fond of chats, females in particular look gentle and elegant. They are honeyeaters, complete with a brush-tipped tongue, but they feed on tiny insects rather than nectar. They can be found across the southern Australian mainland and in Tasmania.


White-fronted Chat (Epthianura albifrons) – male


Male White-fronted Chats have less subtle markings than females. Males and females can often be seen perched at the top of shrubs, they weigh about 13g and measure about 12cm.

My apologies that lirralirra is a little late this week.

Happy birding



Birdlife Australia Photography Group’s Digital Photography in the Bush is coming up in March –  Details and registration information

The duck shooting season is due to start in March, the duck rescue team would welcome new volunteers – Coalition Against Duck Shooting


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