Gang-gang Cockatoo

Did you know that Gang-gang Cockatoos are left-handed, or should I say ‘footed’, and that this could be linked to intelligence?


Gang-gang Cockatoo - Kim Wormald
Gang-gang Cockatoo – female
Canon 5DIII, f/5.6, ISO 1600, focal length 400mm


I took this image recently, and it supports the left-footed theory, as do all my gang-gangs images – how fascinating!

New Scientist magazine, in 2009, reported that gang-gangs are 100% left biased, while some other parrot species are right-biased, and the remainder are ambidextrous. Apparently birds that show a bias are better problem-solvers than those who don’t. I’m super busy at the moment so can’t share as much information as usual but if you’re interested in knowing more, this link will take you to the New Scientist article: Biased parrots pass tests with flying colours

I’d be interested to know if anyone has seen a gang-gang, or other species of cockatoo, using its right foot.

Happy birding, Kim


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