Unexpected pleasures

I was prowling around the entrance to the Phillip Island Penguin Parade trying to get a second look at some Purple Swamphen babies when a White-browed Scrubwren landed nearby and scolded me heartily.


White-browed Scrubwren (Sericornis frontalis)



White-browed Scrubwren (Sericornis frontalis)
It was hard to take it seriously when its feathers were fluffed up by a tailwind; I laughed aloud at the sight of it.


White-browed Scrubwren

 White-browed Scrubwren


I took the above image later in the afternoon and was just moving slightly to make the background more uniform when the little darling flew away. I really like the lighting in this image especially as I rarely see White-browed Scrubwrens in the sunlight, they are usually foraging at or near ground level.  Scrubwrens are tiny birds, only 12cm and 12g, and they are constantly on the move so seeing them at all is a pleasure.


 Cape Barren Goose (Cereopsis novaehollandiae) – juvenile


While I was busy photographing the scrubwrens a family group of Cape Barren Geese was busy watching me. I took images of them bathing in a puddle but especially liked the angelic pose of this juvenile as it stretched its wings.

Happy birding, Kim



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