Spring is in the air

Australian Wood Ducks have been checking out the hollows in the huge old Mahogany Gum outside my study window. They mate for life and often re-use the same hollow so when I hear their crazy honking call during winter I’m always careful not to scare them away. I’m especially hoping they’ll breed here again this year as it would be lovely to photograph their ducklings.


 Australian Wood Duck (male) (Chenonetta jubata)


Our house was being built when the carpenter told me he’d seen ducks up the tree. He was incredulous and didn’t believe a word of what I told him about wood ducks nesting in tree hollows. It does seem odd. Once I saw nestlings floating down from the hollow to land softly, like little puff balls, in the grass. I’d love to see that again, it’s almost worth setting up a tent in the garden.


Little Raven


This raven was busy collecting feathers to line its nest. Male and female ravens share the nest building duties and construct a nest of sticks that is lined with grasses and feathers – literally ‘feathering their nest’.

 Little Raven


I like this close-up of the raven’s collection of feathers. According to my books juvenile ravens have blue eyes which darken when they reach adulthood. Also according to my books only the breeding male and female are involved in nest building. I’m surmising that this is a young bird, perhaps in its first breeding season – if you know whether or not this is right please let me know.


 Black Swan

This Black Swan is sitting on her large nest of reeds and grasses. Swans mate for life and raise one brood a year. I will keep an eye on this nest and hopefully post images of the cygnets soon after they have hatched.

Happy birding, Kim




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