Werribee Welcome Swallows

The altercation between a pair of Welcome Swallows looked comical but was serious business for the juvenile birds as they staked their claims on the rusty rebar fence at the Western Treatment Plant.


Welcome Swallow - Kim Wormald

Welcome Swallow


The Welcome Swallow on the left was sitting quietly when the bird on the right joined it, after a bit of posturing the first bird bit the second bird’s bill!



Welcome Swallow


Their expressions in the image above made me smile, it looks as though sibling rivalry is alive and well in the bird world.



Welcome Swallow


The juvenile Welcome Swallow above is developing some colour on its forehead, throat and chest. I usually prefer birds to be using natural perches but I like the rusty fence and the way it drops off to the left of the image, creating a kind of leading line.



 Welcome Swallow


The Welcome Swallow above is younger as it is developing the russet colour on its chest but its throat and forehead are still off-white. Welcome Swallows are 15cm and 15g, they feed on insects that they catch in the air and are common across most of Australia.

Happy birding, Kim


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9 comments to Werribee Welcome Swallows

  • Hi Kim

    That shot of the two swallows in conflict is fantastic! I love it.


  • Dona

    Love this shot Kim, looks to me like the little guy on the right was enjoying his quite time until this intruder stepped in title could be ” Hey! buddy get lost”, Hugs Dona

  • Pecking order is NOT just a phrase. Love those expressions, and have seen similar postures among humans. Often. The people don’t look nearly as cute though.

  • Alyssa

    Aw they are so cute! The last two shots they look so sweet and innocent and the first two are quite the opposite. The second pic in particular looks like a prime candidate for a caption competition – I just keep imagining all the things they could be saying to each other! “No, YOU take out the bins” etc etc 🙂

    I love the rusty fence as well, I think it looks very beautiful. Wonderful work as always!

    • lirralirra

      I hadn’t realised that but you’re absolutely right. The captions we’d come up with would probably say more about us than the birds! I hope your partner takes out the bins this week 😉

  • Not very “welcoming” were they! I think the rusty fence was a great perch and you caught some really fun shots especially of them interacting which we so seldom see or think to shoot. As always great shots and love reading about your wild birds there!

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