Sweet female Scarlet Robin

It was a quiet morning on the banks of the creek apart from this sweet female Scarlet Robin who stayed with me for over an hour. She spent most of her time perched on the barbed wire around the small weather station that montors the creek’s water flow: it’s a good vantage point for finding bugs in the grass.


Scarlet Robin (female) (Petroica boodang)


 Scarlet Robin (female) – I spy with my little eye ….


 Scarlet Robin (female) – ruffled in the breeze, the barbed wire (I loathe barbed wire) looks oddly like tinsel


 Scarlet Robin (female) – she looks so different from this angle


Scarlet Robin (female) – then she flew to the edge of the creek and posed beautifully


Scarlet Robins visit our property each winter. I don’t like the cold weather but I love the robins! The female has the reddest chest of the Australian robins. They generally choose a low perch and feed on insects and worms they see on the ground: this behaviour makes them particularly prone to being attacked by cats. Their numbers are declining across Australia, hopefully as more people realise the importance of keeping their cats inside the number of robins will stabilise.

Happy birding, Kim



6 comments to Sweet female Scarlet Robin

  • Carole King

    Hello Kim…Your photos just keep getting better.
    The Rainbow Lorikeets are just lovely.
    We used to live about 5 minutes from Braeside Park…in Dingley Village, pity that I wasn’t interested in photography then. I could have spent a lot of time there if I had been as keen then as I am now about getting the right photo. We went over to watch the initial opening of the Park. The trees were very small then.
    I noticed a spelling error at the beginning…examining…the ‘in’ is missing.
    Is it OK for me to give this web
    address to a couple of bird people at the camera club, I have mentioned that you have this lovely site and they were interested.
    Looked for you at our last meeting…didn’t see you.
    How are you feeling now, I hope your allergies have been kind to you.
    Regards Carole[PICC]

    • lirralirra

      How long ago was the park opened? It looks very established. Thank you heaps for spotting the typo – it’s fixed now. It’s definitely okay to pass the web address to anyone you like. I’m much better than I was and hope to get to a meeting soon, it’d be good to catch up again.

    • lirralirra

      Thank you so much Mia. I started working on the Rainbow Lorikeets but time ran out and I was already half way there with the robin. I’m looking forward to seeing your rainbow photos.

  • Carole King

    Hello Kim….you have excelled yourself this month…the photos are beautiful.
    Regards Carole. [PICC]

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