Crazily busy but don’t want to break the ‘every Friday’ record so here are some Osprey portraits that make me glad I’m not a fish. Disclosure: these are the only images I’ve posted that do not meet the wild criteria for lirralirra; they were taken at a sanctuary.


Osprey - Kim WormaldEastern Osprey (Pandion cristatus)


Osprey are majestic birds that can be seen worldwide including around the Australian coastline, on offshore islands and in some wetlands. They are about 60cm, 1.25kg and have a massive and beautiful wingspan of over 1.5 metres.


Osprey 1 - Kim WormaldEastern Osprey (Pandion cristatus)


Osprey eat live fish which they often take from the surface but can also dive. They have oily wings to prevent them from becoming saturated when the dive which means they do not have to dry their outstretched wings like cormorants and darters have to.




Osprey 2 - Kim WormaldEastern Osprey (Pandion cristatus)


I think Osprey are a striking species, if you’ll pardon the pun.


Osprey 4 - Kim WormaldEastern Osprey (Pandion cristatus)


The image above shows the Osprey’s fingered wings, underwing markings and details of the chest band. Its strong legs are clearly capable of lifting fish from the water and tearing them apart.

Osprey  often use the same nest for many years, one day I’d love the opportunity to sit on the banks of a river and watch them hunt.

Happy birding, Kim


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16 comments to Osprey

  • janele

    just stunning, such beautiful photos you take Kim:)

  • Adrienne

    fantastic images …. so close up and I love the bokeh!!!
    I consider myself fortunate to be able to regularly sit on the beach and or the riverbanks and watch these beautiful creatures fish…. my shots don’t equal yours but the thrill of getting a shot with the prey being carried makes up for that

    • lirralirra

      I’d love to be able to watch them hunting, the joy of the sighting far outweighs the quality of the image. I’m sure you must get some beauties. I’m glad you like the images Adrienne, thank you for commenting.

  • I love the osprey too and luckily we are seeing more and more around here (the nesting platforms have helped). Very nice shots! Still ready regularily, just not always able to comment. So enjoy your photos and information!

    • lirralirra

      Thanks for your post Sherry. Great news that you are seeing so many osprey in your part of the world. It’s good that they are so comfortable using nesting platforms.

  • Lyn young

    Thanks for another great post Kim.
    You might eventually turn me into a ‘Birdo’ – more possible now that I have a clever lens – just have to learn how to use the camera!!
    I didn’t realise Osprey were such beaut creatures. Would we have any down here on PI?

    • lirralirra

      It’d be great to turn you into a birdo! You’ve got such an eye for detail I think you’d be excellent at it. There aren’t any osprey on the island and according to the Atlas there were only two areas in Victoria with sightings recorded, both coastal and west of Melbourne.

  • Gorgeous shots of the Osprey! The closeups are awesome! Happy weekend!

  • Hi Kim, Terrific images – so clear and sharp. And so much beautiful detail! I picked up an injured Rainbow Lorikeet recently and it bit my hand so hard- wouldn’t like to think what this guy would do. Enjoy your weekend.

    • lirralirra

      Years ago I was bitten by an Eastern Rosella I was attempting to rescue, I feel your pain! I hope you and the lorikeet are both okay now.

  • Carole King

    Hi Kim,
    Beautiful photos, I especially like the one showing off his magnificent wing markings…that is a made to order shot.

  • I too am glad not to be a fish. Or a rodent. But my heart sings at the thought of a life on the wing (despite knowing that it isn’t easy). The freedom of the skies. And other romantic images. Power, grace, style. And beauty too.
    Jealous thoughts.
    And thank you, as always, for these stunning images.

    • lirralirra

      I’ve always thought cockatoos have the right idea. Sometimes in groups having fun, sometimes alone … it would be amazing to fly like a raptor, they make it look so easy.

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