Near misses

Today’s post is about some of the sights I’ve almost missed because I’ve been so busy looking at Hooded Plovers through the lens.


Australasian Gannet - Kim WormaldAustralasian Gannet
Canon 7D, 100-400mm L IS USM


Early one morning, very early, in the far distance an Australasian Gannet was travelling back and forth, parallel to the shore. Occasionally it would spot a fish and dive straight into the water and swallow the fish before resurfacing, then ride the waves for a while before taking flight. It’s remarkable that gannets can spot fish so well with comparatively small eyes.



Silver Gull - Kim Wormald
Silver Gull Canon 7D, 100-400mm, L IS USM


It was fascinating to glance up and watch this Silver Gull dabbling in the water to stir up prey. The gull’s bill and legs are so red that I checked to make sure I hadn’t accidentally tweaked the saturation. Eight images of gulls in flight can be seen at Gale force gulls.


Pacific Gull - Kim WormaldPacific Gull
Canon 7D, 100-400mm L IS USM


Pacific Gulls are large birds, measuring about 63cm and weighing 1kg. They are a threat to Hooded Plover eggs and hatchlings. The bird in the image above is a sub-adult that has not yet developed the striking black and white plumage of the adult birds.



Australian Fur Seal - Kim WormaldAustralasian Seal
Canon 7D, 100-400mm L IS USM


And sometimes the near misses aren’t even birds! I wouldn’t have seen this seal pup if the hoodie volunteers hadn’t called my name. It was a lovely surprise to turn around and see it resting on the beach.



Australian Fur Seal - Kim WormaldAustralasian Seal
Canon 7D, 100-400mm L IS USM


The pup looks as though it has stopped to smell the ‘roses’.  It didn’t linger long before turning tail and diving back into the water. Sometimes I think we get so focussed on what we are doing that we forget to stop and look around, we could be missing all kinds of wonderful moments and opportunities.

Happy birding, Kim



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