Hoodies to the rescue

Hooded Plover chicks are mini miracles. I was saving these images for a special day and am sharing them now because I’ve been crazily busy and forgot it was Friday which makes this the first lirralirra post to be late in three years – I’m sorry about that but I’m glad it’s still Friday somewhere in the world.


Hooded Plover - Kim Wormald

Hooded Plover chick


These images are of a chick from the family featured in an earlier post, if you’d like to read more about them please visit Hooded Plover chicks.  It was an amazing experience when this little chick began running towards me and paused to look directly at me before continuing to forage.



Hooded Plover - Kim WormaldHooded Plover chick


I have spent many dozens of hours watching endangered Hooded Plovers and had never had chicks come so close to me. I’m often considered hyperactive but when I’m bird watching I can lose track of hours. My patience was wonderfully rewarded by the chicks, who were so relaxed that they foraged near me. The chick above had somehow spotted an arthropod hidden beneath the sand.


Hooded Plover - Kim Wormald

Hooded Plover chick


Foraging Hooded Plovers dart around the sand in super fast sprints and can be difficult to photograph. I will always remember this time with the hoodie chicks as one of my favourite days.

Happy birding, Kim


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