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The past few weeks have been filled with the exhibition and I haven’t had many opportunities to take new images, apart from harriers in flight (yay!) and blackbirds catching worms which I haven’t had a chance to load into Lightroom.



Mont De Lancey gallery – stitched image by David Burren


I’d like to thank people for their beaut feedback on the exhibition, it’s been humbling, inspiring and occasionally funny. One lovely lady was looking at Wingspan, and turned to call to her partner about how much she likes the image. She said how the photographer must have waited for hours and hours to capture the shot, her partner said he liked it too, then turned to my friend and me (presuming we were also visitors), raised his eyebrows dramatically and said, ‘or she just turned around and went click’.

After speaking with an unforgettably lovely family in the rose gardens I realised that both the lady and her partner were right; it can take hours and hours of waiting for an opportunity to emerge, but when it comes to the decisive moment I just have to go click, especially if a Wedge-tailed Eagle is speeding towards me.



Mont De Lancey gallery – photograph by David Burren


Another highlight is to know that the portrayal of birds has inspired an 85 year old artist to pick up her brushes again – I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with her and am looking forward to seeing her artwork. Sometimes the things we do have outcomes that we could never have imagined.




When printed on both sides of the paper, and folded the page above becomes the front and back cover of my little brochure while the page below becomes the inside pages. It’s funny to look at these thumbnails and know that the prints show some exquisite feather details, along with droplets of water, an owl’s eyelashes, eremophila stamen and anthers, and even the leg hairs of a bee – I am totally besotted with the beauty of minute details.




The title of the exhibition, Fusion – nature through the lens, links the images of all three photographers involved. Greg Carrick and Joy Phillips creatively manipulate their fascinating images, some of which can be seen in David’s picture above, in white frames.

I was also going to mention the new lirralirra gallery that will hopefully go online soon,  but I think that’s enough about that because unless I sign off soon this post won’t be published before midnight.

Happy birding, Kim


PS  It’s almost impossible to believe but racehorses are being trained along beaches where endangered Hooded Plovers are struggling to incubate eggs and raise fledglings, for more information and a link to the petition please click here: Racehorses tearing up fragile coastal reserve


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