Bird Trees

These Bird Trees are at Paika Lake, which is just north of Balranald in the semi-desert, Riverina area of New South Wales.


bird tree - Kim Wormald

The Bird Tree – Paika Lake
1/2000, f/6.3, ISO 800


The tree above was a long way from the shore and probably didn’t survive for long following the 2011-2012 re-inundation of the lake. It’s a favourite roosting spot for numerous birds. I was going to count the species numbers but both me and my daughter were re-admitted to hospital during the week and I haven’t had the chance – we’re both home now and hopefully will both be back to our normal hyperactive, gym-going, hiking selves super quickly.

If anyone has a moment to count the species numbers I’d be interested to hear what you come up with.


Spoonbills - Kim Wormald

Royal Spoonbill, Yellow-billed Spoonbills
1/1000, f/6.3, ISO 200, focal length 400mm


Further around the lake was a tree favoured by spoonbills and their crazy antics were comical to watch.

I spent a few days at Paika Lake and enjoyed seeing so many bird species and hearing about the history of the area from Dianne who runs the homestead. She is passionate about the area and mentioned that Paika Lake was isolated from the river systems by a levy that was built in 1912. It was 100 years later that the levy was demolished and water was again able to flow into Paika Lake, thanks to the support of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and tireless lobbying from local landholders, including Dianne.

I often think how awesome it would be to turn back the clock and visit Australia as it was a few hundred years ago; if only we knew then what we know now.

Happy birding, Kim


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6 comments to Bird Trees

  • Lilla

    I love the spoonbills! The bird tree is really interesting. There’s something about it I really like.

    • lirralirra

      I wonder what a human equivalent of the bird tree would be, somewhere where people just hang out together, maybe the beach … not sure but thinking

  • What a great place to visit and I love the tree. The spoonbills are so funny and I bet fun to photograph. Hope you and your daughter are healthy soon!

    • lirralirra

      Thank you Sherry. I’m very fond of bird trees, next time I see one blossomed with white cockatoos I’ll photograph it with you in mind 🙂

  • Oh Kim.
    I am so sorry to hear that neither you nor you daughter have been able to stay away from hospital. This is a really woeful habit to develop. I hope you are finally free of the medico’s clutches.
    Love the bird trees, and would watch in open-mouthed wonder. Thank you so much.

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