An unexpected week

My apologies that lirralirra is late this week. I’d planned to head to the desert on Thursday but instead of that I had an emergency trip to hospital on Tuesday night. I’m very lucky that the problem didn’t happen a couple of days later.


Mallee Ringneck

Mallee Ringneck

I don’t have access to my image library in hospital so I’m reposting one of my favourite images from the red dirt country; from a  trip to Gluepot Reserve, South Australia.

As I sit here perched amongst the pillows of my hospital bed I’m thinking of you all and hoping you’re in excellent health and that you get the chance to give your loved ones an extra hug or to send a beautiful message this weekend.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few days looking longingly through the window; hopefully I’ll be home within the next few days.

Happy birding, Kim



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  • Neil Mansfield

    Sorry to hear about your trip to hospital, Kim. How providential that it happened before you were in the remote outback? I’m without my computer at the moment, so sending this on a borrowed machine, and having myself been in hospital recently, I know just how you feel looking out your window from your bed. Here’s hoping that you are very soon out and about again and all the better for this time of rest and recovery. Warm regards – Neil Mansfield

    • lirralirra

      Hi Neil, it was incredibly providential that it happened before I was in the middle of nowhere – it has made me re-think my emergency contact set up. Thank you for taking the time to write from a borrowed machine, that means a lot to me. I’m sorry you’ve also been in hospital and hope you have fully recovered and are enjoying the great outdoors again, the simple pleasures of being around family and hearing birdsong are all the more precious when we’ve missed them for a while.

  • Paul and Jenni

    All the best Kim. We hope your recovery is swift

  • Evan

    Kim a speedy recovery our best to you

  • Gary Gale

    Love from Nongluk and I, we hope you are well soon and back out birding. We passed up on a meeting with friends at the WTP this week end as it was so muddy the previous week end. This week would have been worse still.
    We went to see an Arthur Streeton Exhibit at Geelong art gallery instead. A little disappointed at the amount of art work they showed,bu it was made up for the quality of work and the information accompanying the show.
    It was also great to see a lady Susan Kruss there with her husband. birders i have frequently seen around the WTP. We had some good fun talking about the Black and white flecks that AS had painted, were they Mudlarks or Magpies.
    it is funny how when looking at artwork now which Nina and I love, I am always looking and seeing the birds and looking at that jiz the artist has portrayed. It was the same last weekend when we met up wit a friend from Ballarat who is a big naturalist. After leaving him we went to the Gallery in Ballarat, there was one picture there that was called Eagle Hawk, for all not accurate it was a Whistling kite.
    Take care Kim, maybe this time I have prattled on a bit, but maybe you are in a position to listen. 🙂

    • lirralirra

      Hi Gary, I definitely was in a position to listen and I read your newsy note several times, thank you. It was so good to ‘step outside’ of the ward and hear about the birds and the artwork. I met Susan and her husband at the WTP last year, how funny that you saw her at the gallery. Also funny to think of you trying to work out which birds the black and white flecks were supposed to represent. Nongluk’s artwork is beautiful, please let me know when she has an exhibition of her own. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the WTP some time soon 🙂

  • Lilla

    This is prob my fav of all ur pics xx

  • Kim Sinclair

    So sorry to hear about your ill health and hospital stay, Kim. I do hope you are back out doing what you love to do as soon as possible. Take care!

  • Carole King

    A beautiful photo of the Mallee ringneck, Kim.
    I do hope you are feeling a lot better today than when you were rudely called away from your planned desert trip a few days ago.
    At least you can look forward to heading off to the desert when you have recovered and are feeling good again.
    In the mean time rest and recuperate in your warm hospital bed.
    Carole. 🙂

  • I hope your recovery is rapid and complete and that you will be acquiring more wonderful images soon.

    • lirralirra

      Thank you David, I’m looking forward to getting back out there with my camera as soon as I can, thank you for your encouragement

  • Julie Bird

    Wishing you a swift and complete recovery Kim. As you know, I really love your Mallee Ringneck.

  • Doug McNaughton

    All the best for a full speedy recovery Kim.
    Love the Ringneck. Love your site.
    Thanks tons, Doug.

  • Oh Kim. I am so sorry, and hope you are home (completely healed) very quickly.
    Love the Mallee Ringneck.
    Oceans of healing thoughts are flowing through cyber space to you.

  • Alison Moore

    Dear Kim I very much hope that by now, Sunday morning, as I read your post you are feeling much much better. And so like you to think of us, your readers, with posting that beautiful pic of a Mallee Ringneck, rather than concentrating on your recovery.
    Wishing you many healthy wishes and a speedy return to your home.
    Hugs Alison

  • Vicki Brewer

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and you’re back out taking photos soon.

  • Alyssa

    I hope you’re back out with the birds soon xoxox

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